• Design consultation
We have a good understanding of new ideas, processes and ways of working. Our awareness of trends and influences of classical and contemporary designs gives us flexibility in our design approach.

• Turnkey fit out
Our complete turnkey service offers full interior design and construction facilities, including planning permission and submission of building control recommendations for an array of sections such as municipality requirements and civil defense.

• Site supervision
Our site supervision team closely monitors the construction work on a frequent basis to ensure construction is on schedule and of superior standards.

• Cost control
Our policy for openness and transparency means that we offer a fully itemized breakdown of the entire project cost. Hence we ensure that we remain within the budget without compromising on standards or the deadline for delivery.

• Reliability and timelines
As time is money, at the very start we set a project time schedule with realistic deadlines and goals . We keep our clients well informed on every step along the way and ensure that all third parties are working according to our schedule.

• Innovation and flexibility
Our approach is characterized by our commitment ,motivation and the ability to think outside the box, which means we leave no stone unturned to give you the desired result